Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



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No!  They are much more interactive and interesting. They are more than a trainer standing in front of you with a professional monotone voice. The classes are engaging and full of real life scenarios. 

The online training are for two consecutive days.

Anyone who is 18years old or older. Anyone is literate in English Language with interest to pursue a career in Healthcare especially as practised in the UK.

Knowledge is universal if it is the right one. So is our content. The content is UK focused but the knowledge is applicable wherever care is in focus.

Absolutely! Our modules were independently prepared and also scrutinized by healthcare industry specific professionals and our certification proves this.

Not at all. No prior qualification is prerequisite for this training. You only need your language skills- Reading, writing, speaking and listening in English language? All courses are delivered in English Language.

 Not at all. We believe in making sure that your work doesn’t stop for too long so you don’t lose time and money. Our courses can be done anywhere: in your office, in the site hut, in your kitchen, anywhere really. Just don’t do them in the snow. It is too cold and makes the screen all misty for one thing and you really don’t want to lose hold of your device in the ice.

Good question! Absolutely nothing.  We too have been frustrated by hidden charges and we strongly disagree with companies that do this. Just complete the course and print certificate and that’s it. Job done. Quick cup of tea and back on the job.

We believe strongly in what we do and the strategy we have adopted. Kennores wants as many people as possible to shift from either a prolonged classroom experience or that dull eLearning venture to High Definition Learning.  Our business model is focused on getting people enthusiastic in serious, often life-related subjects, and then make them unforgettable and even fun.